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Home to 63 National & World Record and 74 Gold Medals.

lift your game

Home to 63 National & World Record and 74 Gold Medals.

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Brisbane Based Powerlifting Team and 1:1 powerlifting coaching for all levels beginner and elite.

Online Powerlifting training and nutrition with the support of a real coach every step of the way.


Specialised nutrition for powerlifting to achieve your performance, body composition and health goals

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We will guide you to become the strongest version of yourself, no matter what level you are and no matter the adversities. We will use our proven method to teach you the lifting techniques, skills, and habits that make you strong.

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Managing recovery, health, and injuries are fundamental to making progress with your powerlifting training; if not managed first and foremost, it makes it difficult. We will use a rigorously tested, science-based approach to ensure you train as effectively as possible.


Transformation comes in many forms; not only will you enjoy the physical changes to your body, but you will also build mental fortitude, physical resilience, and appreciation for your physical capabilities.

our team, lifting together

We believe teamwork is the key to success. Our members help each other strive to maximise their potential. Our record busting results are achieved from the support of our entire community.

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