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train smarter

Don't let poor recovery, lousy technique, injuries or pain get the better of you. Have a clear, concise plan custom build by a coach that you will work with one-on-one, giving you the attention you deserve. Take control of your health with mind and body, and stop wasting time on easily managed setbacks.

get stronger

We will guide you to become the strongest version of yourself, regardless of your level and the adversities. No more second-guessing yourself. With our rigorously tested, science-based approach that has helped thousands of people, we will teach you the lifting techniques, skills, and habits that make you strong.


Transformation comes in many forms; not only will you enjoy the physical changes to your body and increase performance. You will also build mental fortitude, physical resilience, and appreciation for your physical capabilities. You will feel confident in what you do and proud of your accomplishments.

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consistent results

Over a decade of consistent results collecting multiple National & World Records and over 100 podium finishes.

National & World Records
Podium Finishes
Gold Medals

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Set Up For Success

12 weeks of immersive coaching where you will work closely with our team to equip your physical and mental skills needed.


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We continue to develop your skill, refine your lifting technique and teach you elite habits that set you up for long-term success.

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get strong

Unlock your hidden potential. Not only with strength but with mental fortitude and physical resilience.

Head Coach Gus Cooke

Head Coach Gus Cooke

I have over a decade of powerlifting experience, I have coached 15 overall National and World Champion athletes, and I've coached 1000s of athletes with over 100 podium finishes and multiple National, World and All-Time Records. Not only that, I have competed at the most elite level of powerlifting across the globe.

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Meet the coaches


Gus Cooke

Head Coach

Gus is one of Australia's leading Powerlifting experts with over a decade of experience. He has coached 1000s of athletes taking many to a National and World level. Gus himself has competed globally at an elite winning numerous national level meets across nearly 30 competitions

Ruby Cooke


Ruby specialises in Nutrition for performance, losing fat, and gaining muscle with sustainable approaches to eating that look after your mind, body, and soul. Her 5+ years experience and background in medical science, strength training, and bodybuilding give her a unique insight into nutrition.



Leoni is a highly experienced strength coach working with many state and national level competitors. Her qualification as a counselor is one thing in particular that creates success with her athletes and individuals. Leoni can assist you in managing the mental difficulties that come along your fitness journey.

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