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Reach your personal goals with individualised online coaching and nutrition
delivered by award winning coaches

Reach your personal goals with individualised online coaching and nutrition delivered by award winning coaches

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An individualised training and nutrition program with the support of a real coach every step of the way.


Nutrition is fundamental to health and fitness. Be guided by a nutritionist who helps you reach your next level.


Our personalised, science-based approach will make you stronger than you could possibly imagine.


Just want a training program? We have a library of tried and test programs to help you meet your goals.

get stronger

Strength is the cornerstone of performance. It’s what grows your muscle and boost your metabolism. It’s what allows athletes to become powerful, fast and resilient to injury. It’s how we manipulate your bodies to make transformative change.

build muscle

Muscle is very hard to build. It is the last response the body will give. This is why it takes specialised strength training and a high-quality diet to achieve muscle growth. The focus of Lifters League is to achieve a synergistic relationship in your body between performance and nutrition to encourage growth.

lose fat

The challenge isn't losing fat, it’s keeping muscle as your weight comes down. We don’t beat you down with cardio, instead the aim is to keep you strong while manipulating your diet. So, you lose the fat, keep the muscle, and fuel your training.

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Gus Cooke


One of Australia's leading experts in Strength Training & Powerlifting. Gus has created over 60 State, National and World Champion athletes with 100s of records broken. Not only that, he is an accomplished powerlifter and bodybuilder competing in over 30 competitions winning 4 championships at a state and national level.


Ruby Cooke


Ruby specialises in Nutrition for performance, losing fat, and gaining muscle with sustainable approaches to eating that look after your mind, body, and soul. Her 5+ years experience and background in medical science, strength training, and bodybuilding give her a unique insight into nutrition.




Leoni is a highly experienced strength coach working with many state and national level competitors. Her qualification as a counselor is one thing in particular that creates success with her athletes and individuals. Leoni can assist you in managing the mental difficulties that come along your fitness journey.

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