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Transformative online coaching from the powerlifting champions.

What we stand for

Lifters League strive for the best in strength, education, health and coaching. We are one of the best at formulating strength-building training structured around injury prevention and health while still allowing our athletes to reach their performance and body transformation goals. Our aim is to provide specialist services, with the most innovative and scientific-based coaching solutions, to maximise progress like never before seen.

what we do

Our mission is to bring the best is strength coaching and education to the world. Lifters League is a performance method that provides global strength coaching solutions with scientific training methods backed by a clinically based movement system. We deliver this through 4 methods;



Very affordable training programs then have been trialed and tested with beginners to high performance athletes


Hybrid Coaching

All the advantages of digital technology online coaching with face-to-face benefits with a highly experienced strength coaches


Online Coaching

100% individualized training and nutrition plan designed to fit your current needs, future goals, and long-term development



We provide professional Powerlifting coaching both online and in-person at our local facility with our Brisbane Based Team

Meet the coaches

Lifters League was founded by Gus Cooke in 2016 to bring the best of science, strength sports, nutrition, and bodybuilding to anyone who is passionate. Gus brought together the best in strength coaches, sports practitioners, researchers, and nutritionists to develop a complete coaching system with a holistic approach to create superior results in strength, sports performance, and body composition. Since then the business has evolved many times and rather than growing as we were doing up until early 2020 we have decided to shrink the business so that we can provide a much higher quality service.

Gus Cooke


One of Australia's leading experts in Strength Training & Powerlifting. Gus has created over 60 State, National and World Champion athletes with 100s of records broken. Not only that, he is an accomplished powerlifter and bodybuilder competing in over 30 competitions winning 4 championships at a state and national level.

Ruby Cooke


Ruby specialises in Nutrition for performance, losing fat, and gaining muscle with sustainable approaches to eating that look after your mind, body, and soul. Her 5+ years experience and background in medical science, strength training, and bodybuilding give her a unique insight into nutrition.



Leoni is a highly experienced strength coach working with many state and national level competitors. Her qualification as a counselor is one thing in particular that creates success with her athletes and individuals. Leoni can assist you in managing the mental difficulties that come along your fitness journey.

ABOUT Gus Cooke

Hi, I’m Gus Cooke and I’m the Head Coach of Lifters League. My story starts back in 2009 in the Australian Army in the Royal Australian Regiment. We were getting ready for deployment to Afghanistan but during my training, I sustained a severe injury that accumulated over months of intense training and had developed stress fractures in both my legs preventing me from getting deployed and landed myself in rehab for 8 months. So, being placed a desk duty, I got fat. Then like most people, I looked towards the gym to change my body. Lucky for me, my first mentor was a powerlifter and I learned the 3 fundamental lifts : Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift and based our training around those lifts. This started the neverending pursuit of being better, bigger, leaner and stronger.

consistent results

Over a decade of consistent results collecting multiple National & World Records and over 100 podium finishes.

National & World Records
Podium Finishes
Gold Medals