Daniel Mahony

I recruited Daniel Mahoney to our team, and he became the strongest teenager in Australia by the age of 17.

The Beginning

Young Dan started lifting weights at his school gym. After a few months, he decided to join a commercial gym where Braydn (our previous lifters league coach) noticed his potential as a powerlifter. He was doing triple bodyweight deadlift at 14 years old with no prior coaching at his first competition at our old Lifters League powerlifting gym, placing second. I, the head coach, recruited him onto our team because he had the potential to take to the highest level.

The Goal

Seeing his potential, we set a goal to become the strongest teenager in Australia

The Strategy

Like any pure powerlifting athlete, we plan out a career 1 to 2 years in advance. Given his young age, we go through more multilateral training to develop functional and technical skills. Then throughout the years, we do powerlifting specific phases leading into a few competitions. This approach allows for longer-term sustainable progress. 

The Method

We assess his program, food, and technique weekly under our athlete management service, which is designed specifically for this type of athlete. We actively adjust to his plan when he progresses or reaches obstacles, and I mentored him on being an athlete. The most significant strides in his progress were when we introduced Velocity Based Training, where he made exponential increases in strength. 

The Result

In the 2018 GPC nationals, he totalled an incredible 545kgs at 66.1kgs body weight at just 16 years of age, taking two world records and winning silver in a very competitive class. At the 2019 GPC Nationals at the age of 17, he took every record in the 67.5kg class 4 world records and tallied up 8 National Records.

He became the strongest teen in Australia and beat every adult competitor in his weight class at such a young age. He took every record in the 67.5kg class, giving him 4 National Records and four world records. He has now moved up to the 75kg class and has taken every single National Record in that class, giving him 12 records. The other remarkable thing is he has a 280kg deadlift at 71kg body weight. Super close to 4x bodyweight.