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Braydn is an excellent story about someone doing a physique and strength sports combo. With a good plan, management of health, and discipline, this is achievable for anyone.  

The Beginning

Braydn just started like any typical skinny guy at a gym, wanting to lose fat, build more muscle and get stronger. Since he was a personal trainer, his ambitions have been set high to represent people’s aspirations. 

The Goal

He wanted to take to the pinnacle of physique and strength and compete in bodybuilding and powerlifting. It’s a huge undertaking but a rewarding one. 

The Strategy 

Like anyone who wants to take up a competitive career, especially in a multidisciplinary sport, it requires long-term planning, management of health, development of increasing work capacity with a low injury rate. We start by getting strong first to lay a solid training foundation, and this helps improve our food intake, making it easier to get lean. 

The Method

For Bradyn, we broke his plan into three phases spanning over three years. Year 1 (2016-2017) was the foundation, building as much muscle and strength as possible with minimal fat gain. 

Phase 2 (2017-2018) was to lose as much fat as possible and maintain as much muscle as possible until he is lean enough to compete in a physique competition. 

Phase 3 (2018 and beyond) was to get as strong as possible in the sport of powerlifting. Braydn found a passion for powerlifting over bodybuilding, so we have kept at this ever since. 

Having the athletic foundation from bodybuilding can set someone up for powerlifting well. These attributes include having a leaner physique optimised leverages in the power-lifts, refined food habits, the great awareness of external lifestyle factors impacting training, the discipline to be insanely consistent and the huge amount of muscle.

Braydn also works with velocity based training as well. For him in particular this massively helps regulate training load preventing his natural tendency to overreach. This is always for a great capacity for volume with a reduced risk of injury.

The Result

In Phase one (The Foundation), he went from 85kg at 13% body fat to 100kg at 17% body fat. That is a weight gain of 15kg with 2/3rds being LBM (muscle) and 1/3rd fat. This muscle to fat gain is an excellent ratio as 5kg of fat is much easier to lose than gaining 5 kg of muscle, so we just had to make sure to retain muscle as best we could. His strength; squat went from 150kg to 215kg (+65kg), bench 115kg to 147.5kg (+32.5kg) and deadlift 170kg to 215kg (+45kg)

Phase (Bodybuilding) he got down to 81kg at 5% body fat. This drop lost about half the muscle we built; however, it dropped about 13kg body fat. He placed first in his division and overall.

He has now competed in multiple State and National level competitions in powerlifting and has a 300kg squat, 190kg bench press and 290kg deadlift. 

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