Joanne Greagan

What makes Joanne’s story inspirational is she achieved all of this while training on her own, looking after a newborn and getting her teenage boy to spot. She is a legend and an inspiration to many!

The Beginning

Joanne is a powerlifter and strongman of at least 15 years. She was six months postpartum with her 4th child and hadn’t competed in 2 years at this stage. 

The Goal

Joanne came to me wanting to compete in powerlifting again. The ultimate goal was to compete at ProRaw Wildcats, where the strongest females in Australia compete.

The Strategy

Like every athlete, we have to break down each aspect of health and performance (there is a lot). In this case, we prioritise things that will have the most significant change with the most negligible risk. Starting early parts of training focused on health, functionality and general development, gradually shifting focus on performance as we get closer to competition. This approach solidifies the pillars of health where performance enhancement comes with much lower risk. 

The Method

This transformation required a high level of personalisation of programming that required constant contact of 1-3 times a week. Training metrics, nutrition, bio-feedback markers and training videos are monitored on an ongoing basis to allow regular adjustments to manage the desired responses. Velocity Based training helped manage fatigue in an objective way that helped select daily training load.

The Result

She had little expectation of herself, but I knew I could get her close to her PBs; however, it still blew me away how well she went. Joanne believed it would take at least two years to regain her former strength. 

Much to her surprise, eight months later, she hit a total PB (personal best) of 535kg on the biggest powerlifting stage in the world, ProRaw. 215kg squat, 120kg bench press and 212.5kg deadlift

The critical foundation here is that we look at foundations and working with disciplined athletes; they will be consistent and diligent, which are number 1 when working with anyone.