Kait Snowdon

Kait was able to get stronger for a powerlifting competition and come down a weight class to fit her physique goals.

The Beginning

She came to us because she had issues with her previous coach with late program delivery and communication. We started in Oct 2020 at 82.5kg in body weight, and her best squat was 82.5kg, 42.5kg bench press and 110kg deadlift. 

The Goal

Kait wanted to get leaner, so we decided on the 73kg to fit easily into the 75kg class in powerlifting. This weight target was an excellent reconciliation of 2 goals.

The Strategy

Getting lean is easy; getting strong is easy (for us, it is). Getting lean and strong is challenging but attainable if you are willing to work hard. In the long run, this makes you a better athlete in many ways, such as building a great relationship with food, how food works for your body and metabolic adaptation favouring performance. Dieting makes heavy lifting difficult because it requires a large quantity of carbohydrates to produce the energy to lift. So you have to ride a delicate balance between a deficit and fueling for performance. This method requires you to build a wealth of knowledge to build a better and more robust understanding of food. Finally, dieting also can provide considerable compensation (super-compensation) in strength and muscle through various metabolic pathways (learn more about this in the podcast we did with dietician Hayley Forrest). We manipulate this well-known phenomenon to get lean and be significantly stronger on the day of the competition. 

The Method

Just like anyone new to powerlifting, we start simple. Learn how to lift with good technique, learn to eat to support your health and training, and your body will make a drastic change. For Kait’s first competition, we focused on the foundations of being a good/healthy athlete first, so we ate to perform, we improved her strength. 

In the second round, she had a greater understanding of the fundamentals behind food and strength training. So it was time to take it a little further and finally get her in the 75kg class. To be effective for performance, we are best overshooting to 72-73kg and eating back up into the competition. This overshooting avoids drastic cuts for weight ins and compensates for gain in the reverse dieting phase during the peak phase of competition prep. This approach was more challenging for her as the diet had to be a little stricter as we had a tight time frame, but we were confident that she could tolerate the stress due to the previous phase. 

The Result

In phase 1 we lost 5kg in bodyweight, and at competition we added 30kg to her squat (82.5 > 112.5kg just missing 120kg on technicality), 7.5kg to her bench (42.5 > 50kg) and 30kg to her deadlift (110 > 140kg).

In phase 2, she got down to 72kg (10kg loss in weight). Leading into the peak of the competition, she was eating 2000+ calories with nearly 300g of carbs for six weeks and is still while I’m writing this blog a month after competition and guess what she is still losing weight, now sitting around 71kg. She added another 15kg to squat, the same bench; however, in training added 5kg and another 5kg to deadlift. 

So in total, she lost 10kg in body weight, added 45kg to her squat, 12.5kg to her bench press and 35kg to her deadlift for a 127.5kg squat, 55kg bench press and 145kg deadlift in 12 months

This is how you get stronger and leaner at the same time.


I joined Lifters League back in October 2020 and have watched my performance and strength grow more than I could imagine. Gus provided me with all of the tools I needed in order to gain this strength and finally gain the confidence to compete in my first powerlifting competitions.

In this time I have also managed to lose almost 10kgs with their resident nutritionist, Ruby, whilst also maintaining my strength and even getting stronger! She ensures that I have all the options to eat what I want (within reason!) and the constant support to being the best athlete I can be.

I’m so happy to have found this team and can’t wait to see what we do in the future together.

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