Rhiannon Keith

Rhiannon became the Strongest 75kg Female Powerlifting in Australia on the 22nd of October 2017 and competed in bodybuilding.

The Beginning 

Rhiannon started with metabolic issues developed from years of intense competition in bodybuilding and poor management from a prep coach at the time. She also had multiple ACL reconstruction surgeries and struggled to get into heavy strength training again. She had a 110kg squat, 78kg bench press and 150kg deadlift.

The Goal

To get back on stage but a lot healthier by taking a more holistic approach and overcoming limitations with her ACL. 

The Strategy

Bring back her health, strength, and metabolism to optimal health before starting any serious competition preparation and focus heavy training on technique to optimise movement on her knee to avoid injury and strengthen it. 

2017 Arnold Classics

The Method

Bringing back Rhiannons health and metabolism took over a year to gain control before we started competing. Improve health markers, gradually increase food, focus training for strength and functionality. This ‘building of foundations’ laid the groundwork to get through another prep without health concerns successfully. 

Over this period of her bodybuilding prep, we continued to build the foundations of technique so that she could power-lift. 

First Place, 2 National records.

The Result

She competed in bodybuilding successfully, without health concerns, at the 2017 Arnold Classics. Five months later, we followed this up, competing at the 2017 GPC National Championships in powerlifting, hitting a 500kg total in the 75kg class. Then another four months later, hit a 532.5kg total breaking the National Deadlift record hitting a 225kg pull. She also broke the total record, making her the strongest 75kg in Australia. Her final number was 187.5kg (+77.5kg) squat, 120kg (+42kg) bench press, and 225kg (+75kg) deadlift. 

2017 GPC National Championships