Sarah Rainbow

Sarah Rainbow, the lifters league star athlete, is the strongest female in Australia and broke the world’s longest standard bench press record in 2018 that the legend Bev Francis held for 35 years. 

The Beginning

Sarah already had four competitions under her belt and was already pretty strong, but she had stalled. She had a 135kg squat, 97kg bench press and 170kg deadlift. Powerlifting in 2015 didn’t have much Nutrition support within the community as the sport was still growing. So she was on a 1200 calorie diet which was a typical trend for women. 

The Goals

Her goals at the start were to overcome her plateau, make progress on her lifts, improve on her competition total and become competitive. Plus, she has always wanted to keep building more and more muscle. 

The Strategy

For already experienced athletes, we don’t tend to work too much on powerlifting to start, and we usually work on everything else. For her, number 1 was food. For someone working in construction and very strong, the 1200 calories that her previous coach had her on was nowhere near enough. 

For athletes wanting to make a career out of this, a long term strategy is required mapping various components from competition to competition and year to year. We systematically work out the limitations to their progress and what elements will have the most significant impact on performance that isn’t detrimental to their health. We build on things that we can change in one competition and how that will help other components in the following competition. 

The Method

In the beginning, it mainly was technique changes and optimisation of food. This method branched into more complex strategies giving Sarah the capacity to train more, become resilient and become more efficient. 

One of the most incredible leaps was when we introduced Velocity Based Training. We implemented this following a two-year plateau where she went backwards on her progress. But six months of following VBT, the result was truly remarkable. 

These days we have much bigger models for planning her career out. We have a rough plan leading us from Dec 2021 to Q3-Q4 2023, so roughly two years. It’s this kind of planning that makes the most truly elite athletes. 

As you progress, your lifestyle and the qualify of your health starts to have a bigger and more significant impact on performance and will become the difference between winning and losing. We constantly monitor stress, fatigue, recovery, nutrition, sleep, energy and much more.

The Result

Sarah Rainbow became the strongest female powerlifter in Australia and ranked at the top globally. Her biggest win is ProRawX because she took out the most challenging competition on the planet, beating 3-time Australian champion Chleo Van Wyk and breaking a 35-year-old record held by Bev Francis, breaking by a massive 7.5kg benching 157.5kg.

Her official best lifts are 250kg squat, 160kg bench press and 255kg deadlift. She’s taken so many National and World Records that we haven’t been able to track. However, we have recorded 11 National Records, 3 World Records and 1 All-Time record. 

What was also truly impressive was the result from VBT. In the 2-year plateau, she only made a 7.5kg increase on her squat (235kg), lost 17.5kg on the bench (140kg) and deadlift down to 230kg. Then in 6 months using VBT leading into ProRaw12, her squat went to 257.5kg (+22.5kg) and 157.5kg (+5kg) bench press. 

Sarah Rainbow at the ProRawX in 2018 taking the win with a 227.5kg squat, 157.5kg bench press and 255kg deadlift.


6 years you’ve been in my corner, and I don’t say it often enough but thank you.

The countless hours of preparation, time and every fine detail doesn’t go unnoticed. You literally know me inside and out (sorry😅😇) from my 64th nervous wee on comp day to my hangry-ness. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today (physically -42kg muscle mass and mentally) without you. And that’s what makes a great coach. Bring on the next 6 months, time to make us both proud ✊🏽

07/06/2015 – 367.5total ➡️ current 640kg total (+272.5kg)

Swipe to see our very first deadlift session together 😅⚡️



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