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Online nutrition coaching for improving performance, feeling better, and looking your best.

Initial Nutrition Package

  • 30 min Strategy Session start by booking in a free strategy session with the Head Coach Gus Cooke to develop with his team
  • 60 min Discovery Session to learn who you are, about your goals, values, ambition, habits, lifestyle, and health to best customise your plan.
  • Advanced Nutrition Plan includes an individualised macro-targeted nutrition plan, programmed meal examples and unlimited amendments. Macro’s are planned across the day and week to optimise your performance, recovery, muscle growth, and health.
  • 60 min Diet Delivery going through the step by step process of your training and nutrition plan.
  • 6 coaching video calls to overcome your food and body challenges and celebrate your physical and mental wins.
  • Ongoing Support & Adjustment


First 6 weeks for $600 then you have the option to move onto our ongoing package to continue executing our plan.

Ongoing packages

Once you have completed your initial package then you can choose the following option to continue to execute our plan.

Billed Weekly AUDBilled Monthly AUD
Save Up to 11%

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A real nutritionist

You work directly with an experienced nutritionist. They will find a strategy that works best for your lifestyle, needs and wants. By checking in regularly, you will receive ongoing support and can chat via video or phone.


Highly Individualised

Your nutritionist won’t follow a single method, instead they find a method that works for you. Receive customised meal plans, flexible dieting, and calorie counting. The basic principles of nutrition are applied to develop a system that best suits you.


Favourite Foods

No single food is healthy or not. It is your whole diet that matters. If you stick to the principles of nutrition, that you will learn, then there is no reason you can’t eat chocolate, ice cream, and bread while still being healthy and making progress.


Eat More

You will be eating more food and finding that you are losing weight, feeling leaner, getting stronger, sleeping better, and feeling more energetic. We give your body what it needs to make change. Not starve it.


Eat to Perform

When the focus is on improving performance, and your nutrition is optimised to support that, you become capable of making long term change. You will get stronger, train with energy, perform better, feel healthier and your body will change faster.



We are not just your coach, we are your mentor to equip you for life. Nutrition is full of gimmicks, trends, and fads. Along your journey you will learn the foundational principles of nutrition from food science, food psychology, physiology and more.

Nutrition programs designed for your body

Before you begin your nutrition journey, you will chat with a nutrition coach to learn more about you, your history, ambitions, and your goals. We figure out a strategy that may work best for you and develop a plan. A detailed individualised plan will be delivered to you 7 days after that initial conversation in a clear step-by-step manner. Your nutritionist will then stay in constant contact to help overcome challenges, celebrate your wins and adjust that plan to your needs, wants and lifestyle. You will talk to your nutritionist on a frequent basis via video chat to review, help and teach.

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