Get strong with personalised online coaching from award-winning strength coaches, nutritionists, and world class athletes.



Real coaches, real results

Smash your goals with the expertise of our experienced coaching team. You’ll be mentored so you get the results you want from your training, at every stage.


Made for you

No templates, no pre-made PDFs. Your coaches listen, assess, and communicate clearly with a scientific strategy that is tailored to your individual lifestyle.


Live Support

Live chat with your coach on our Lifter's League app. Get actionable feedback on your training videos, regular check-ins, and sincere support so you keep improving.



Everybody is different, so your nutrition strategy is crafted for you based on your body's needs. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to get the most out of your food.


Rest and active recovery

Your body makes changes in recovery and rebuilds you into a better version of yourself. With science-based recovery strategies you'll maximise your progress inside the gym.


A healthier future

Your coach always has their eye on the big picture. Building your body helps you build the future you want. We give you everything you need to maintain your health and fitness for life.

How it works


Free Strategy Session

Kick off with a bang at your free 30-minute strategy session with our Head Coach, Gus. He'll help you find your best way forward.

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Set Up For Success

You need a strong foundation to get the most out of training. Over 6 weeks, we get you well on your way to achieving your goals.


Ongoing Support

Choose the ongoing program that's best for you with the help of your expert coach and findings from the set-up phase.

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Huge Results

Watch the results roll in. We’re with you every step of the way, helping you get stronger and healthier.

body transformations
you've got to see to believe




Braydn started like any typical skinny guy at the gym. He wanted to lose fat, build muscle and get stronger. After 3 years with us, he reached the pinnacle of physique and fulfilled his dream of becoming a bodybuilding and powerlifting champion.

His story began at a weight of 85kg, with 13% body fat.

Together, we laid the foundation for success and worked closely to build his muscle.

When the time came for him to compete, he had reached 81kg, with only 5% body fat.

He placed first in his division and overall.

Now, he's competed in multiple State and National level competitions and has a 300kg squat, 190kg bench press, and 290kg deadlift.

With a good plan, optimal health management, and discipline, this transformation is possible for anyone.


Yes, we're looking at you.

step one

Start your transformation

After your free strategy session, we’ll start laying the foundation for your success.

This 6-week training package will set you on the right path and reveal insights that inform the rest of your journey to a stronger, fitter future.

  • Easy, online onboarding to identify your starting point so we can measure your progress.
  • 60 min Discovery Session to learn who you are, your goals, habits, and health so we can build the perfect program.
  • Advanced training program to provide you with your first 4-week program (exercises, intent, intensity, reps, load, and more) so you can get strong.
  • Advanced macro-targeted Nutrition Plan to enhance your performance, muscle growth, and health. Plus, you can ask us to make as many changes as you like - free of charge.
  • 60 min Program and Diet Delivery to walk you through the step-by-step process of your training and nutrition plan so you have everything you need.
  • 4 Coaching Video Calls to equip you physically and mentally so you can overcome your challenges and celebrate your wins.
  • Ongoing support and adjustment.

once off payment

$799 AUD

step two

Stay on the right path

Using what we learned in your set-up training phase, we'll help you choose the right option for continued support.

Stay on the right track with accountability, personalised feedback, and ongoing support.

Billed Weekly AUDBilled Monthly AUD
Save Up to 7%
Performance Coaching
per week
per month (save 6%)
Recommended Package
This is the right choice if you are focused on building a physique and increasing performance simultaneously. This package provides more individualisation with additional fortnightly calls to equip you physically and mentally, so we get you where you want to be as effective as possible.
Rapid Results
per week
per month (save 2%)
For expedient results
You're in the right place if you're new to this type of training or are a physique competitor. With high accountability, more frequent interventions, more detailed personalised strategies and mentorship, you'll see results beyond what you thought was capable.

get stronger, at the touch of a button

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in your pocket, with our simple-to-use app.

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Transform your body

with video tutorials.



by logging your training.


Stay accountable

with regular calls to your expert coach.

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Meet your coaches


Gus Cooke


As one of Australia's leading experts in Strength Training & Powerlifting, Gus has created over 60 State, National and World Champion athletes who’ve broken hundreds of records. He is an accomplished powerlifter and bodybuilder competing in over 30 competitions and winning 4 championships at state and national levels.


Ruby Cooke


Ruby specialises in Nutrition for performance, losing fat, and gaining muscle. Her sustainable approach to eating looks after your mind, body, and soul. With 5+ years experience and a background in medical science, strength training, and bodybuilding, she provides unique insights that change your life.




Leoni is a highly experienced strength coach working with state and national level competitors. Her experience as a counselor gives her an edge that helps her athletes and individuals to succeed. Leoni can help you manage mental and physical challenges along your fitness journey.

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