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Individualised online coaching from award winning strength coaches, nutritionists and world class athletes.

Start Up Package

  • 30 min Strategy Session start with a free Strategy Session with the Head Coach Gus Cooke to develop with his team
  • Virtual Onboarding to gather baseline data so that we can measure your progress.
  • 60 min Discovery Session to learn who you are, about your goals, values, ambition, habits, lifestyle, and health to best customise your plan.
  • Advanced Training Program this is where we provide you with a your first 4 week personalised training program alongside detailed strategy and planning. Prescribing exercises, intent, intensity, reps, load along with video tutorials and more.
  • Advanced Nutrition Plan includes an individualised macro-targeted nutrition plan, programmed meal examples and unlimited amendments. Macro’s are planned across the day and week to optimise your performance, recovery, muscle growth, and health.
  • 60 min Program and Diet Delivery going through the step by step process of your training and nutrition plan.
  • 4 coaching video calls to help equip you physically and mentally to overcome your challenges and celebrate your wins.
  • Ongoing Support & Adjustment

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Once-off payment of $599AUD cut from $790

ongoing packages

Once you have completed your Start-Up package then you can choose one of the following options to continue to execute our plan.

Billed Weekly AUDBilled Monthly AUD
Save Up to 7%
Performance Coaching
per week
per month (save 6%)
Recommended Package
This is the right choice if you are focused on building a physique and increasing performance simultaneously. This package provides more individualisation with additional fortnightly calls to equip you physically and mentally, so we get you where you want to be as effective as possible.
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Rapid Results
per week
per month (save 4%)
For expedient results
You're in the right place if you're new to this type of training or are a physique competitor. With high accountability, more frequent interventions, more detailed personalised strategies and mentorship, you'll see results beyond what you thought was capable.
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start your transformation


Real Coach

You work directly with an experienced strength coach. They will be your point of contact to help you on your journey. We are your mentor and teach you how the training works and why. You have an experienced Coaching and Consulting team behind you developing the best strategies for you.


Highly Individualised

No templates, no pre-made PDFs. Your coach chats, listens, assesses, and measures. A strategy is developed based on scientific principles, and a program is created from scratch customised to your needs, wants and lifestyle. We constantly check in and reassess constantly and update your plan on a weekly basis.


Constant Support

You receive ongoing support to help you along your journey. Through the Lifters League messenger app, you can communicate live with your coach online, receive feedback on training videos, make adjustments to the plan and provide you with support you need.



Nutrition is critical which is why we provide nutrition services to all our online coaching clients. There is no one method that works. your nutrition strategy is customised to your needs, wants and goals. The focus is on providing you with the skills and knowledge to take control of your food.


Recovery Management

Recovery is where our bodies make changes. Training breaks us down and recovery builds us back up to be better versions of ourselves. You will receive recovery strategies outside the gym so you can maximise your progress inside the gym.


Long Term Development & Health

Your coach is always looking at the bigger picture. We want to ensure you can get results for the long term without detriment to your physical and mental health. Receive the skills and knowledge you need to control your health and fitness for life.

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Daniel Mahony


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Real coaches, delivered online

Your program is delivered online via video, chatting face to face with a real coach and sports nutritionists. You log your training through the data-driven Lifters League custom build app straight to your phone, which lays out every exercise to do, with exactly how to do it and all with video tutorials. You can chat with your coach online and send training videos via our app. We support you with face-to-face video chats and screen capture technology through our app, where updates to your program are explained and your lifting videos are reviewed.

Meet the coaches

Gus Cooke


One of Australia's leading experts in Strength Training & Powerlifting. Gus has created over 60 State, National and World Champion athletes with 100s of records broken. Not only that, he is an accomplished powerlifter and bodybuilder competing in over 30 competitions winning 4 championships at a state and national level.

Ruby Cooke


Ruby specialises in Nutrition for performance, losing fat, and gaining muscle with sustainable approaches to eating that look after your mind, body, and soul. Her 5+ years experience and background in medical science, strength training, and bodybuilding give her a unique insight into nutrition.



Leoni is a highly experienced strength coach working with many state and national level competitors. Her qualification as a counselor is one thing in particular that creates success with her athletes and individuals. Leoni can assist you in managing the mental difficulties that come along your fitness journey.

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