Victoria Felkar | Females on Steroids

Me and Victoria at the SWIS Symposium in Canada catching up on science.

In todays episode of the Muscle Nerd Podcast we have a special guest, Victoria Felkar. She is world leading researcher in womens’s health and female hormone manipulation within sport and medicine. She is a practitioner, consultant, author and educator. She has spoken all over the world including the great SWIS symposium in Canada. She has worked with some of the most elite athletes from the olympics through to the Olympia

Today we are going to speak about female using performance enhancing drugs or more specifically anabolic steroids, Now I’m not for or against the use of steroids but like any other drug I believe in risk management, health optimisation and education, its the only way we are going to combat stupidity of misinformantion. Steroids are going to be used in this industry weather we like it or not but I hope from this podcast we can get women and men to critically think about their decision to use performance enhancements drugs.

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