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I had the opportunity to talk on the Wolf Den with Mark Ottobre from Enterprise Fitness straight after coaching at the biggest stage in the world of powerlifting ProRaw Big Dogs & Wild Cats. Full episode below… here is what they had to say;

In this episode, powerlifting athlete and coach, Gus Cooke joins us in the Wolf’s Den to share his secrets to coaching some of the strongest females in Australia.

We learn that training for numbers requires more than just a perfect program, and that strength is not just about loading the bar with more weight. Gus takes a holistic approach to coaching to a whole new level, from analysing sleep, posture, to their experience and how they move, their nutrition, body composition, and biofeedback on mood, fatigue, clarity and recovery.

Leaving no stone unturned gives a coach more understanding on how much stress the athlete can put their body through.

Watch this Wolf’s Den episode to gain a deep insight into elite strength training, mindset coaching, and how to avoid hitting a wall on your lifting numbers.

Check out the Wolf’s Den Podcast here

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