Training Intent Matters

I have observed that rituals, routines and thought have had a direct impact on velocity. This means your mindset, attitude and cues have affect neural drive and potential for motor unit recruitment.

Arousal in sport psychology is a spectrum from laid back to hysterical and somewhere in the middle is ideal for performance. This usually means you need some hype or your need to calm down. This can be as find tuned as when you take a breath, what music you play, how you apply chalk, how long you take to get ready. I have observed up to a 20% increase in performance from one set to another simply either changing a routine to increase hype, visualise before lifting to reduce overthinking or breathing to calm down to reduce anxiety. 

This matters for strength development as this increase in velocity will maximise force production and creating a better adaptive stimulus. You can’t just lift, you must lift with intent.

Check out my Rant above or listen on my podcast below.

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