Compete at your peak with Brisbane's best powerlifting team, lead by award winning coach Gus Cooke.

Compete at the peak

Are you passionate about powerlifting and want to take it to the next level? We coach powerlifters of all experience levels to be technically proficient, durable, and brutally strong. We pride ourselves in being objective and finding unique solutions to unique problems for our athletes. We strive to build our training plans around scientific principles and we truly believe we fill a unique void in the market of understanding how to practically apply research to real-world situations. Not convinced, then keep scrolling and check out our athletes and all our records. See what our team over the last decade have done Nationally and Internationally.

comp prep turned up to 11

The Lifters League Strength System is solely been develop to create competitive powerlifters and goes beyond a training prescription. Athletes tend to have little issues with training regardless of what goes on in their life. Comp prep becomes a management of psychology, injury prevention, nutrition, hormone optimisation, supplementation, stress management and more. We look at the quality of each foundation and seek to refine constantly towards mastery. Let up create the best powerlifter you can be.

Become a powerlifting pro

We don’t just train pros but what we have learnt from training the absolute best has created system that actually works. You see anyone new can make progress but when you objectively compare the same methods with professionals they just don’t hold up. This will lead to your inevitable plateau. We stay ahead of the curve ball with rigorous testing ensuring every new concept is tested based off scientific principles with the right people.

It doesn’t matter who you are whether you want to enter into novice powerlifting competitions, state competitions, national or even international, we provide the coaching you need to reach your competition goals.

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If you are outside of Brisbane, we provide online coaching designed to help you reach your goals or perform to the best of your abilities. With a completely customised training program, tailor made nutrition plan, and weekly video calls with a strength coach, you will be equipped for powerlifting competitions.


We operated out of the powerlifting gym ZeroW Southside. We are located in Mount Gravatt. You will train face to face with me and be given a custom training program with weekly communication.


Coach Gus Cooke

"I exclusively operate our hybrid and powerlifing coaching in Brisbane. I created the strength system that has been taught and used by many PTs and coaches. Its train 1000s of athletes that has global recognition."

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Sarah Rainbow


Joanne Greagan


Daniel Mahony

our team, lifting together

We believe teamwork is the key to success. Our members help each other strive to maximise their potential. Our record busting results are achieved from the support of our entire community.

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