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Skills for life

With in-depth face-to-face coaching, you will develop all the skills you need to be successful not just with powerlifting but with your health and fitness for life.


Made for you

No templates, no pre-made PDFs. Your coaches listen, assess, and communicate clearly with a scientific strategy that is tailored to your individual lifestyle.


Real Support

Stay in touch with your coach on our Lifter's League app. Get actionable feedback on your training videos, regular check-ins, and sincere support, so you keep improving.


Rest and recovery

Your body makes changes in recovery and rebuilds you into a better version of yourself. With science-based recovery strategies you'll maximise your progress inside the gym.


Supportive Community

Enviroment matters. You will are surrounded by others who are like-minded. Having the support of your teammates goes a long way toward developing a passion for this sport.


A healthier future

Your coach always has their eye on the big picture. Building your body helps you build the future you want. We give you everything you need to maintain your health and fitness for life.

A System you can trust

We don't just train pros but what we have learnt from training the absolute best has created a system that actually works. We stay ahead of the curve ball with rigorous testing ensuring every new concept is tested based off scientific principles with the right people. It doesn't matter who you are, whether you want to enter into novice powerlifting competitions, state competitions, national or even international, we provide the coaching you need to reach your competition goals. Not convinced, then keep scrolling and check out our athletes and all our records. See what our team over the last decade have done Nationally and Internationally.

lifters league legends

consistent results

Over a decade of consistent results collecting multiple National & World Records and over 100 podium finishes.

National & World Records
Podium Finishes
Gold Medals

train smarter

Don't let poor recovery, lousy technique, injuries or pain get the better of you. Have a clear, concise plan custom build by a coach that you will work with one-on-one, giving you the attention you deserve. Take control of your health with mind and body, and stop wasting time on easily managed setbacks.

how it works

Step One


Send us an enquiry, and we will get in touch and book a free hour long consult with the Head Coach, Gus Cooke. We will discuss your history, challenges/hurdles, and goals. Discover what is holding you back so we can unlock your full potential.

Step two

Set Up for Success

Initially, we immerse you in our intensive coaching for 12+ weeks, working closely with the Head Coach, an expert powerlifting coach and a registered sports nutritionist. We focus on developing skills, behaviours, intuitiveness and autonomy that create athlete success.

Step three

Join The Team

Now it's time to be an athlete. You will constantly work with your coach and train alongside like-minded people. You will prepare for powerlifting meet alongside your peers, with us guiding you every step of the way. We continue to develop your skill, refine your lifting technique and teach you elite habits that set you up for long-term success.

Step four


From the moment you first see us right up to stepping on the platform, we are there. We will tap into your hidden potential that you never thought you had. You will build mental fortitude, physical resilience, and appreciation for your physical capabilities. Apply now and join the league.

What's included

  • 60 min Nutrition Consult with our registered sports nutritionist to learn about your relationship with food, food history, and challenges to develop a specific plan for optimising health and performance, enjoying food and living life.
  • 60-90min Technique Assessment with your coach to see how you move and develop a plan to get you to lift efficiently, safely and pain-free.
  • Face-to-face coaching session with your coach to equip you with the skills you need to be a successful athlete for the long term
  • Advanced training program to provide your training program via our in-house app. We prescribe every detail, including exercises, intent, intensity, reps, load, RPE, tutorial videos and more.
  • Weekly Check Ins where your coach will review your program weekly, provide feedback and update your program on a week-by-week basis.
  • Advanced macro-targeted Nutrition Plan personalised to suit your needs with macros planned across the day and week to enhance your performance and health with personalised recipes to match Marcos
  • Ongoing Nutrition Coaching Video Calls is an optional service ongoing with your nutritionist to equip you physically and mentally so you can overcome your challenges and celebrate your wins.
  • Video Feedback you will receive feedback on your lifting video so we can monitor your progress and make adjustments
  • Competition Handling we will their on your day of competing, helping with warm-ups, mindset and attempt selections.
  • Recovery Management so you can optimize performance session to session without over training or injury
  • Supplement & PED Management if your that way inclined, we can educate, manage hormone health, reduce risk and optimise performance
  • Constant contact via our messaging app.

Head Coach Gus Cooke

Head Coach Gus Cooke

I have over a decade of powerlifting experience, I have coached 15 overall National and World Champion athletes, and I've coached 1000s of athletes with over 100 podium finishes and multiple National, World and All-Time Records. Not only that, I have competed at the most elite level of powerlifting across the globe.

Bench Press

Meet the coaches


Gus Cooke

Head Coach

Gus is one of Australia's leading Powerlifting experts with over a decade of experience. He has coached 1000s of athletes taking many to a National and World level. Gus himself has competed globally at an elite winning numerous national level meets across nearly 30 competitions

Ruby Cooke


Ruby specialises in Nutrition for performance, losing fat, and gaining muscle with sustainable approaches to eating that look after your mind, body, and soul. Her 5+ years experience and background in medical science, strength training, and bodybuilding give her a unique insight into nutrition.



Leoni is a highly experienced strength coach working with many state and national level competitors. Her qualification as a counselor is one thing in particular that creates success with her athletes and individuals. Leoni can assist you in managing the mental difficulties that come along your fitness journey.

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life as a powerlifter with us.

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