Force Velocity Profile

Mass and Velocity, when it comes to velocity-based training have a linear relationship giving velocity an integral role in seeing the whole picture to force production in strength training.

What does this mean?

  • If load remains and velocity increases we are getting stronger
  • If load increases and velocity remains we are getting stronger
  • If load remains and velocity decreases we are fatigue or going backwards
  • Is velocity decrease at the same load research has showing that is an increase to neuromuscular fatigue
  • We can assign a percentage of 1RM with an exact velocity.
Watch a segment from my Lecture explains the Mass and Velocity relationship

When it comes to powerlifting/strength movement we can create a linear regression model with x value being the percentage of 1RM and y value being velocity in ms. This can immediately replace percentage-based training and allow for an objective form of auto-regulation.

What do I mean by an objective form of auto regulation:

  • If your prescribe intensity has a slower velocity you either need to reduce load or lift better
  • If your prescribe intensity has a faster velocity then you need to increase load but ensure you are maintaining quality of movement

Velocity Profile

A video on how my force velocity profile works. Download your free copy

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Learn More

I have a webinar on the 7th of Nov 2020 teaching your a lot more on how you can use Velocity Based training where we will cover

  • Creating Individual Force Velocity Profiles
  • Use Velocity as an objective form of Autoregulation
  • How to Track Strength Progress Daily
  • How to use velocity to assess neuromuscular fatigue
  • How to program with Velocity
  • How to coach with Velocity

If you are seeing this after the fact then check out our VBT Webinar Page here or our event calendar for future workshops on VBT.

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    Hi i Would love a copy of your force velocity profile, thanks!

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