The Importance Of Having a Coach

The importance of having an expert coach! Over the weekend at QLD State Championships, it was brought to my attention that this is something I have taken for granted. I competed on Saturday at Valhalla, did an easy 8kg cut to make weight, got a couple of PB’s, qualified for Nationals and came out with 1st place in 67’s.

Throughout this process all I had to do was follow my plan and lift the weight. That’s all!! I didn’t have to worry about how I was going to cut weight, what I had to consume to replenish my body and gain weight ready to compete. It was all done for me. On the day I didn’t have to think about what weight I should warm up with, the timing of my warm-ups, who was going to wrap me, what my openers where, what my second and thirds will be, what to eat between lifts.. all I had to worry about was lifting the weight!

My coach Gus Cooke does all of this plus more for our team Lifters League. I am grateful for his knowledge and experience as the prep and comp day wouldn’t be as successful if he didn’t have such attention to detail! Thanks bus!

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