The man who chases two rabbits doesn’t eat

“The man who chases two rabbits doesn’t eat”. I heard this quote a long time ago in a podcast from Dr. Lonnie Lowry, and it has stuck with me since. To me, this quote brilliantly sums up the importance of proper goal setting.

When a new client comes to Lifters League, the first thing we do is sit down and talk about what they want to achieve in the short term, and what their long term goal is. Far too often, I see clients trying to chase two rabbits at once by pursuing two conflicting short term goals. To me, this represents either a lack of planning, a lack of patience or both.

For example, a client came to me last week with some pretty impressive long term powerlifting goals. He wanted big strength gains to qualify for national competition within the next year- a hard but achievable goal. When I asked him for his short term plan, he said he was trying to drop a weight class for an upcoming novice powerlifting comp, eating 2000 calories/day and training 6x/week with 2 cardio sessions. These long and short term goals require two very different methods and trying to bridge the gap between the two generally doesn’t work, or will only produce very slow results.

We need to identify a primary goal that drives long term decision making. The training frequency and selection, and calorie intake did not match my client’s long term goal of national powerlifting success. I sat him down and we discussed whether he needed to drop a weight class, decided that he didn’t, and set in motion a plan to meet his long term strength goals. My client trusted me to let go of his short term body composition goals because he understood that they don’t fit into the long term plan. This doesn’t mean he can’t still pursue body composition goals, but in the timeline, we had his goals were best met by focussing only on the primary goal.

This example is something I see often within a range of contexts. It’s one of the biggest things stopping a lot of people from reaching their goals. At Lifters League we will work with you to create a detailed plan for your goals, quantifying everything, and establish a realistic method for you to get to where you want to be in the long term. You just have to trust the process.


Tyron Senituli

Tyron is a very important example of why proper goal setting matters. With ambitions to compete in powerlifting wouldn’t it be best to train and eat for strength, right? Makes senses. But time and time again lifters reach for a strength goal and wanting to fit into a tiny weight class which generally always results in muscle loss and zero to minimal strength gain. In Tyron’s case, he would have had to eat like a bodybuilder in comp prep to maintain a body composition that isn’t meant to be maintained whilst reaching for a 900kg total. Such high demand in training requires a hell of a lot more food than a shrinking bodybuilder. Read his story below and see how proper goal setting set him on the path to becoming the strongest ever powerlifter in Powerlifting Australia history.

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