velocity based training

Perform better, gain insight into your training, and personalise each training session with velocity based training. You can gain a whole new dimension of data enabling you and your coach to see accurately, in real time, your current fatigue & performance levels so you can enhance and customise your training.

Looking to take your training further?

Velocity Based Training (VBT) is an accessory to traditional training methods. It provides athletes with enhanced performance, recovery management and improved motivation. VBT supports the prescription of weights, sets and repetitions. Velocity is not speed training, it’s the tracking of velocity to inform and enhance your training practices.

how it works

Receive a device that attaches to your barbell to track your velocity. With velocity measurements, you gain insight into your performance to know if you're improving or need to make adjustments in real-time. It allows you to make informed adjustments to your program to maximise the desired training effect.

Creates the best

This is Sarah Rainbow, she has been a Lifters League athlete since 2015, and since then she has become the strongest female in all of Australian History. She has a 250kg (550lbs) squat, 160kg bench press (350lbs) and a 262.5kg Deadlift (590lbs). We have been using velocity since 2019 and have continued to help her take the biggest powerlifting title and records in the world. Most notable was the improvement in her squat, going from 227.5kg to 250kg in less than six months when we added velocity.

the ultimate training tool


Improve Performance

Velocity has a direct correlation to absolute maximal ability on any given . We can see what you're capable of on any given day by measuring velocity allowing you to monitor performance and fatigue constantly.


Better Training Prescription

Velocity's predictability on performance allows us to find the ideal training loads for that day. Rather than relying on historical data and subjective ratings of perceived exertion (RPE) to adjust training loads.


Measures fatigue

As you train you create fatigue. The loss in velocity over the set and over the session indicated neuromuscular fatigue. It also predicts fatigue in subsequent sessions to better adjust your training.


Measures Readiness

Readiness is used in sports science to predict an athlete's capabilities for the day's training. Velocity’s direct correlation to maximal ability allows you to accurately predict your ability, fatigue and readiness.


Enhances training motivation

Emotions, stress and thoughts have an influence on performance. It’s been observed that the visual feedback of velocity can change our mindset positively having an improvement on performance.


Better Autoregulation

Autoregulation is a method that gets athletes to rate their training to adjust loads in response to progress or fatigue. VBT provides an objective measure for autoregulation, significantly enhancing this method.

success with VBT

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Bradyn Vit


Sarah Rainbow


Joanne Greagan

what's next?

Take the next steps in your training, beating your plateau, and reaching your next level. To get started in Velocity Based Training reach out to Lifters League. You will get in touch with a coach who specialises in using Velocity Based Training to ensure you reach your peak.

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